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Staff Development

With an extensive network of contacts throughout UK education, a wide variety of staff development workshops can be delivered on your premises at times and dates to suit your operational demands.

Organised as either whole or half days, they can be packaged as a structured programme, adapted to be part of your own staff development day, or provided as a single instance.

Applying for Funding Support

This workshop, written and designed in conjunction with funding bodies, has been designed to assist educational institutions in the preparation of proposals to third-party finance providers.

Encouraging & Embedding a Research Culture

Designed for both practitioners and management, this one-day workshop provides support for college development of a research culture and conducting scholarly activities.

Critical Thinking, Reflective Writing
This interactive full or half-day workshop demonstrates how you can use images, texts, objects, film clips and research materials to help learners develop their higher-order cognitive skills by prompting them to relate new knowledge to prior understanding, think in both abstract and conceptual terms, and consider how a particular set of problem solving strategies is appropriate for achieving a given goal.

Moving from Groupwork to Teamwork

Team building activities for staff and students in preparation for, and during, collective/collaborative working.

Experiential Learning
These innovative workshops allow participants to develop a set of exciting materials and techniques ready for use in their own teaching.

Running Effective Meetings
Originally developed for corporate clients, this half-day training workshop will help to maximise the outputs from your course & management team meetings and minimise the time they take.

Designing out Plagiarism
This workshop explores the issue of plagiarism and looks at tools and technological solutions that enhance assessment creativity and reinforce higher level skills.

Graphic Facilitation of Implementing Strategy
(with Dead Cat Dreaming)

A staff development session for college management teams on implementing their vision. The artwork produced on the day remains with the institution, and is supported by written reports and planning documents.

Graphic Facilitation to support Student Focus Groups

As part of your college’s commitment to ensuring that student views are expressed honestly, candidly and independently, these informal Graphically-Facilitated Focus Groups allow your learners to express what they think about your institution prior to the production of a formal document to assist management's strategic planning.
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